The Future of Smart Systems

The definition of AI is widely used within online discussion. While the AI community continues to expand its capabilities, the opportunity to automate is endless. The current development cycle typically requires coding and debugging. Expect to see interfaces and systems which automate decision’s without consent of the user. Natural language processing packages in modern day hints at the ability to make automated decisions and debug errors with little feedback required.

Artificial Intelligence continues to evolve as more development tools become widespread…what’s next?

I am no fortune teller but looking at the current automation tools available to consumer markets, the evolution is steady. Communication in Artificial Intelligence is a key factor towards building automated systems. A system must be able to communicate an answer to a user by making an automated action. Similarly, an intelligent system contains the capability to automate analysis. The system must form a response from data collected. Today, we use datasets and algorithms usually containing some sort of rule. Progress is being made to influence systems in hopes of having the ability to create a machine which automates an action based on previously learned behavior. The evidence is clear that systems can already sense certain components through voice, image, and video. Ask Alexa or Siri a question and you will typically receive an answer back. For now, we continue to use guidance based systems. These systems require user input in regards to confirm the action or rule.

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