What is Grindez?

Grindez is a p2p freelance work platform. As the go-to job marketplace for connecting talent, Grindez offers both fiat and cryptocurrency payments. Grindez connects freelancers and customers through smart contracts, enabling robust protections and efficient escrow payments – wherever the different parties are based.

The mission of Grindez is to facilitate the trust of global freelance jobs market that is powered through the growth of the gig economy and driven cryptocurrency adoption.

Digital work contracts enable the agreement between customer and freelancer, with escrow payments and automatic settlement in cryptocurrency / fiat currency (your preferred local currency) once task milestone agreements are completed. Intuitive search and scoring system enable users to work together with confidence, and a dispute resolution mechanism ensures fast and cost-effective arbitration of disputes if necessary.

Should I trust verified users on Grindez?

Although we encourage our users to get verified and our buyers to buy from verified accounts, we still highly recommend you use escrow at all times.
Verified accounts only mean that we were able to verify the identity of the seller through additional channels of experience, we are not responsible for the actions of the seller or the quality sold items.
Should there be anything wrong with the purchase, escrow can protect your funds. We will not issue any refunds in the case escrow was not used even if the seller’s account was verified.

Do I have to register to participate in any activity on Grindez?

Yes, any buying, selling, or posting on Grindez requires the user to be registered and approved.

How much are Fees and Charges on Grindez?

Posting and listing on Grindez is completely FREE! These are subject to change.

How do I request a Payout?

You can request a payout once you receive an order and the transaction is completed. Once you have funds in your account you can then ‘Request Payout’ on your Account Dashboard menu. Reference this video for requesting a payout.

Offering to buy or sell outside of Grindez

It is against Grindez’s Terms & Conditions to contact another user through our site and services and offer to finalize the deal outside of Grindez.
If you receive an offer to buy or sell outside Grindez, please report it. Make sure you follow these guidelines. If you don’t, you may be subject to a range of actions, including suspension of your account.

How can I delete an item I posted?

You can delete items you’ve posted from your account page under the Account Dashboard menu. If you want to delete a specific purchase of an item then you can do so through the Account Dashboard menu under listings.  You may also delete your account through the Account Dashboard menu.

How does the escrow system work?

The escrow service provided on grindez.com is an in-house service, we don’t use any third party to process any funds or arbitrate escrow disputes, cutting the middle man and saving our users money. Below are the step by step process of how escrow works:
All freelancers or listers are obliged to provide the escrow option.
When a buyer commits to a transaction, they are redirected to a payment page where they can select the payment method and initial the Grindez escrow between freelancer and buyer.
Once buyers agree upon delivery of project, they can go on the Vendor Dashboard page where they can click on Request Payout and the funds get released to the seller’s account when approved by Grindez staff.
If a buyer doesn’t agree upon the transaction, they can click on Request Refund and explain the reason for the refund and any evidence (if applicable). The seller will then receive an email with the details of the refund request and will be given time to contact the buyer or dispute the refund request. Failing to respond within a reasonable time will lead to a decision being made solely on the evidence that our support team has access to, which may result in the refund being made to the buyer.
If a buyer doesn’t agree on a transaction, the seller may contact them and give them reasonable time to discuss their project and respond. If no response is received the seller can contact Grindez support and request an escrow release. The support team will contact the buyer and ask them for more details within a reasonable time or open a dispute case. In the project is not agreed upon within a reasonable time and no response is received, the support team may release the funds to the seller. Released funds happen at the Grindez support team discretion and may reject the release of the funds if they deem it unsafe to do so until both parties agree on the transaction.
If the buyer doesn’t release escrow or open a dispute case and the seller doesn’t request an escrow release, funds get released to the seller automatically 30 days from the date of the payment.

I am unable to post items without offering escrow, why?

Escrow is now forced for all sellers. It’s up to the buyers to use it or not. We highly recommend using escrow on Grindez.

Do I have to use your escrow service when I buy an item on Grindez?

Yes. Escrow is highly recommended to do so for the safety and security of the purchase.

I have received an email asking me to confirm my password, what is this?

Grindez will NEVER ask you to confirm your password. We do not need your password for any purposes. Grindez will ONLY send emails from @grindez.com email addresses. Any emails received claiming to be from Grindez and asking for your password is an attempt to gain access to your profile. Be very careful with phishing attempts and fake emails and report such activities to the support team ASAP so the correct actions can be taken to protect your account. Please enable Google 2fa to add another layer of security to your account.

How can I withdraw funds from Grindez.com?

You may request a Payout through your Account Dashboard menu. Click the payout button, enter the amount to be paid out, and the method in which you would like to receive your payout. We do not hold any funds for neither the seller or the buyer on our site, all Escrow funds are held on a separate servers or wallets and they get automatically sent to the seller when the buyer releases funds from their dashboard. Buyers funds can be refunded manually either when a seller cancels a sale or if the buyer have requested an escrow refund.

How do I know my payments are safe with you?

All payments are held in Grindez wallets, payments are held within our escrow and as soon as the transaction is complete, both parties agree, and payments are sent straight to the freelancer. In case of an cryptocurrency escrow, coins are transferred straight to our offline wallets where they will be transferred to a cold wallet until the reception of the item is confirmed by the buyer and parties agree on completion.

I sent my items and the buyer didn’t release escrow funds. Now what?

In the event that the buyer can no longer be contacted and you (the seller) believe that the item has been delivered, you can submit a release escrow ticket to us and include the proof of completion (Milestones/URL).
Escrow release are subject to manual processing and can be released/declined by Grindez’s staff. In the event that your escrow release has been declined, the funds will be released as soon as we investigate whether the transaction is complete.

I’ve sent extra coins or funds, what can I do?

When a buyer sends extra funds, any remaining amounts stay in Grindez’s wallet. The amount owed to the seller will be sent and the extras are kept for the buyers to recover. Please contact us with the amount sent, the address and the extra amount, along with any additional information.

How do I get verified on Grindez as a freelancer or company?

Account verification is simple. After logging in to your account, go to your Profile Page and complete your profile with your name, a photo, and bio. You will need to upload a photo/scan of two types of documents, as per the list below, and submit them to us.
Proof of Name and D.O.B:
Driving Licence
Government Issued Identity Card
Proof of Address (issued within the last three months):
Utility Bill e.g. Electricity, Gas, Water, Landline phone bill
Bank Statement
House/Health/Motor insurance policy document
Government stamped tax assessment notice
Council rates notice/ council tax bill
If your account verification is successful, your public user profile and all of your listings will show our new Verified icon.

How long does escrow refund take?

Escrow refunds can range from 30 minutes hours to 48 hours. If an item is cancelled or a seller’s account get suspended, the funds are usually refunded within 48 hours to the buyer. If the escrow refund is disputed by the seller, then we are required to gather evidence from both parties before reaching a decision. Please do not contact support before 12 hours have passed on your refund request as you may not receive a reply.

Buyer is not releasing escrow, I need my escrow released

If you believe the buyer has received the item and you need Grindez to release your escrow, please submit an escrow release request. Escrow release requests must meet the following conditions:
Sale must be older than 4 business days
Provide proof that you’ve completed the task (Milestones/URL)
If your item is digital, we would only be able to release escrow weeks after the purchase date.
Grindez will only release escrow as they see fit. We may reject the escrow release request if we believe that the item or the seller may be high risk.

My escrow was released to the seller although I did not release escrow?

Grindez may release escrow to the seller if they deem the transaction, the item, and the seller low risk. When Grindez releases escrow we still cover the buyer for the duration of 30 days and would issue a full refund if a refund request is logged and we ruled in the buyer’s favor.

Do you support digital files? And how does it work?

Yes, Grindez does support digital files. Digital files offer a convenient and quick way to send proof of milestones in projects and proof of completion. You can upload your digital files when requested to Grindez staff.
Supported Files:

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