Peer-to-Peer Technology

Grindez is peer-to-peer, which means our users interact directly with each other. Once a job is initiated, job details enter escrow and on-site messaging between buyer and seller is enabled between each party.

Free For All Users

Reliable, easy-to-use, and doesn’t cost you a penny. Our digital Platform gives everyone a safe place to find jobs or find freelancers — no matter who you are or where you’re from.


Safety and security are the most important factors when it comes to your money. All trades on Grindez are protected by our secure escrow service to guarantee peace of mind.

Cryptocurrency Payments

Many people have substituted conventional banking methods with cryptocurrency and we respect this shift in financial networks. Grindez is optimized to take advantage of this modern shift, payments on our platform can be made in Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc. These payments are of course subject to the usual Escrow methods to make sure both vendor and purchaser interests are secure. 

State of the Art Escrow

Our escrow service holds the agreed sum for the job once the order is created and the sum is held in trust for both parties until the order is completed.

Dispute Resolution

Should a disagreement arise between a vendor and a purchaser, either of the parties can apply to have the dispute resolved as soon as possible from the Grindez moderator. They can submit a complaint through the order page to the Moderator’s email and the moderator will decide on the appropriate course of action.


This feature allows users to post requests with details of the task and budget, to receive offers from other users on the site regarding the job request. Vendors are able to bid on the requests with details why they should be given the job or their intended approach to the task. The user with the request can then choose from the different offers according to their needs.


Communicate freely and securely with other users about your project. The messages between users are private and instantaneous so you can easily hammer out specifics on any issue.


Rate and leave a comment about the quality of service you’ve received form a vendor and the vendor rates the experience they’ve had with a purchaser. It enables newer individuals to know whether to work with a person or not, the quality of their service and generally keeps everyone on their best behaviour. 


Do you have a very specific need that is location dependent, like translation for example, you can filter listings by location and immediately find users that fit your requirements. 


You can now add listings that you like to your favorite listings and go there to take your pick when you decide to pay the service. With this feature you can keep a favorite for the different listings you regularly use or may use in the future.


This feature allows user to view listing statistics and determine its performance over the last 30 days, like the number of unique views and visitors. This feature gets its data from the most popular site tracking service, Google Analytics.

Affiliate Dashboard

Users can now earn a commission from the completed work of those they refer to the site. The commission is 1% for the first 100 referrals made by a user, from 100 upwards the commission rate is 5%. Become an affiliate and secure extra income. 

Search Alerts

Search alerts enables users to receive notifications when new job requests or listings matching their search criteria on the site. Users receive an email notification that contains new jobs which have been posted to Grindez.


Tags are the absolute best when you’re trying to streamline or filter your search results. Users can set listing tags or search tags to define the niche they specialize in. Tags are added as a part of making a listing or search and they make everything a lot easier.

User Profile

Individuals who register on our platform can browse through our features and choose vendors to do jobs and tasks for them. Any user who decides to become a vendor can create a listing on his profile and sell any service of his choice to other users. 

Social Links

Want all your friends, acquaintances or followers to see your user profile or job listing? You can link your Grindez profile to any of your social media accounts and rope in some new clients for yourself from there. 

24/7 Customer Support

Customer support is always available to attend to user queries or disputes. Customer Support is here to resolve queries in the shortest time possible. Make a request through our contact page.

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