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I am a graduate of a Business and IT course, but more importantly, I have impeccable communication skills ranging from research-writing to copy-editing, content creation, and team management which I believe would make me a suitable addition for your academic needs.

My work experience has not only empowered me with a strong understanding on a variety of issues and topics, but it has also fine-tuned my research and editing skills, making a flexible writer who can do a professional copy on ANY subject. My experience has made me more familiar with online portals such as mypearson, moodle,, and so on. Additionally, I have directly engaged in online classes for over 2 years now, completing quizzes, exams, labwork, papers and any other tasks successfully. Some of the school portals I have interacted with include GCU, Ashford University, Montclair University, Texas Southern university, Tauro College, among many others situated mainly in the USA and some form Canada.

1. Writing from scratch.
2. Editing, grammar, spelling and sentence structure.
3. Power-point presentations with speaker notes, diagrams and audio.
4. Annotated Bibliographies.
5. Literature Review.
6. Lab Reports
7. Proposals, Projects, Capstone Projects, Graduate Thesis and Dissertations.
8. Course work such as Assignments, Quizzes and Exams via school portals such as canvas, blackboard, and Moodle.
9. Graduate work.
10. Letter Writing (admission essays, personal letters etc.)
11. Essays
12. APA, MLA, HARVARD, CHICAGO as well as AMA.

Business, History, Social Sciences, Social Work, Marketing, Philosophy, Human Resources, Religion, Psychology, Philosophy, Sociology, English, Communications, Religion, Statistics, Finance, Accounting, Economics, History, Nursing, Calculus, Biology, SPSS, Chemistry, and anything that is related to the mentioned.

Besides the value I will bring to your team with my skills, my desire to work with you is fueled by the fact that, over the recent times, the workflow with my main employers has been somewhat unsteady due to some managerial changes. Getting an opportunity to work with you–hopefully on a long-term basis–would therefore be of invaluable importance to me.

This is a discrete service and you get all the rights to the content/paper as soon as I deliver it. I prefer PayPal for payment purposes. Services begin at $15 per page.

Finishing off, I am also ready to begin ASAP. Looking forward to your response and thank you in advance.

Moraine Chiri

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