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My name is Eddy. I provide affordable chess coaching to chess players of all-level. During our Chess Lessons, we usually go through Middlegame Principles, Best Endgame Practices, Opening Strategies and also your games.

Chess Training with me is also accompanied with regular chat and improvement follow-up even after the Sessions. I provide all the PDFs of the books I recommend you to have a look at.

A little about me:

My username on Lichess is EddyTrainsChess – I am rated 2700 in Rapid, 2550 in Bullet. As a professional regular player and a coach, I know how to mix the ability of me being both. I share my secrets to improvement and figure out your weakness.

I have shared a lot of knowledge over on Reddit, with many articles getting Viral. DM me to visit my website.

Cheers and talk soon!

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