Content Ideation: 6 Months' Worth of Search-Engine Optimized Topics, Especially Picked for Advertising and Long-form Focus

Part Time
Delivery Time: Per Agreement

Who Needs This: The business or brand that just wants to focus on execution, not thinking up new ideas – or has been burned by previous SEO experts who only focused on traffic but not on end conversions.

What It Is: Basically, I’ll figure out what you should be creating content about for the next six months. All you have to do is assign it to freelancers to create per your content process.

While I certainly use resources such as SEMRush, Ahrefs, Exploding Topics, Google Trends, Meltwater, and more to figure out what’s popular, you’re mostly paying for my human judgement to contextualize those tech-generated lists to identify the real content plays you should be making.

Anyone can get you a list of relevant keywords; I give you a list of keywords that potential clients are searching for that will make you stand above your competition.

What You’ll Get: Deliverables include:

Master Content Topic List including:
Primary keyword topic or phrase, with its relation back to a primary content topic or pillar identified in your Content Audit or Content Process
Competitive evaluation, incorporating both machine difficulty grades and a scan of your competition quality for the same topic.
Monthly traffic estimates for total searches
Suggested Content format, with possible off-shoots / spin-offs per your Content Process.
Special attention lists of unique opportunities for your brand or business:
Advertising opportunities, flagged by a lack of content quality in top results, topic position in user journey, amount of traffic, and no / few current ads.
Heavyweight content opportunities, flagged by rising interest and traffic, lack of content quality in top results, topic relation to brand “authority,” and ease of creation.

How Long This Takes: Not overly long, all things considered. I’ve been doing this long enough to be able to piece this together relatively quickly. The key will be doing so in a way that’s digestible for you and your team to implement immediately, which can take longer than simply printing out a list! Estimate 3-4 weeks from initial deposit to final deliverables.

How Much It Costs: Starting at $1,500, with possibility of increasing due to scope (more original topics per week and / or more complicated topics will increase the time needed to complete) and decreasing if commissioning several services at once.

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