Creative writer, and poetess here to offer you to ghostwrite high quality articles for you. From book blurbs, to creative content for your blog. (Price is listed for a 1000 word article)

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Hello there dear reader, who’s come forth on here,

This bard here dear reader, will try her level best,

To give you a succulent, exquisite experience with,

Her humble words for you no less.

Like a still river right before the torrential rain fills her,

Like the innocent baby sapling growing amidst them grass,

Who’s thirst gets parched with joy, but then get drowned in sorrow,

I hope I can provide you with a a bittersweet farce.

For it is just my words that could, simply influence your mind,

With poignant happiness, and with jubilant sorrow,

As this bard works her utmost best to always try,

To give your mind freedom, from curmudgeon.

So let me provide you with an unforgettable experience,

A play of words just like this sonnet you wouldn’t remiss.

Hi there! I happen to be a humble pursuer of the art of twisting words of the Latin alphabet to create magic! Exclusively in the English language. While I might be relatively new to professional writing, I’ve always been passionate about writing, and have also written my own hobbyist 20,000 word Choose-your-own-adventure style story. (Link to which, and other examples of my work is attached in my portfolio if interested)

I’d love to showcase my talent for you thanks!

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