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Delivery Time: Up to 7 days

DM me on reddit or discord!!! Wow#3153
I’d appreciate if you let me know first before ordering. Hello, I am an experienced Discord Bot developer. I’ve made approximately 200 bots in past. I can develop you a custom bot for your own special server! You can choose from Moderation commands or Music Commands to Weather Stats or even a basketball command, whatever you want!
What are Simple commands:
In every package I include several simple commands like kick, ban, purge, say etc. If you have questions just message me!
Complex features:
I include limited amounts of complex features, which can be pretty much anything you imagine but you should ask me first so I can confirm I can make it.
Default Commands:
1.) Ping Command
2.) How Many Servers the Bot is in
3.) Names of the Servers the Bot is in
4.) Help Command
5.) Bug Command
Discord Bots that I’ve developed:
Complex Economy System
Minigames Bot – Bot with multiple minigames such as RPS, 8ball or slots
Message Leaderboard
Uno Game
Role shops and role rewards
Server Status Bot

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