Digital Realistic Portrait Painting

Full Time
Delivery Time: Per Agreement
Digital Realistic Portrait Painting

Commission Art Rules:
a) I will make realistic portraits, fanart, and original characters.
b) For realistic portraits I will need image references from you. Better if they are very good quality.
c) Rates start from 70$ but may vary according to the commission.
d)I will not be doing any NSFW art.

Time Rules:
a)Minimum time to send you the work will be 1 week
b)Maximum will be 10-15 days.
c) Do not rush me.

Payment Rules:
a) Payment only via PayPal for international customers and Gpay for Indian costumers.
b) Half amount should be transferred when I send the first stage to you via email.
c) The rest of the amount should be transferred after the I confirm the final output which will be watermarked.
d) In case of cancellation the customer has to pay half amount of what was discussed.

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