Financial (and Business, Marketing, Sales) data analysis, modeling, prediction and visualization

On Demand
Delivery Time: Per Agreement

Hi, I’m Hamza.

If you have financial, business, marketing and sales data, I will analyze it, create models, make predictions and help you visualize results.

Qualification and Experience: I have MSc degrees in Financial Engineering, Machine Learning and Physics, and 5+ years of experience working in these fields. Resume available upon request.


– Descriptive, Diagnostic, Prescriptive, Predictive Analysis, All types of financial analysis, Advanced quant. analysis and research
– Classification, Clustering, Forecasting, Regression, Time Series, Decision Trees, Neural Networks, etc.
– Plots, Charts, Tables, Graphs, Maps, Dashboards

I’ll mainly use Python, SQL, Excel, Matlab and Tableau to solve your problem. I can learn new tools and techniques when required.

Data protection: If you have concerns about data privacy and protection, we can throw in an NDA and talk about anonymizing data and using cloud, vpn, etc.

Communication: Before starting work, we’ll go over the project in as much detail as possible so that I know the scope and you know that you don’t have an ill-defined project (bad idea in general). This will take about 30 or so minutes because I usually have a lot of questions. It is only then that we’ll proceed if there is a good fit.

During the project, we’ll communicate either every day or every other day depending on the nature of the project.

Type, duration of work: Remote (full- and part-time). I am quite comfortable with the remote work environment and tools, and I hope you are too. All durations are welcome but I prefer long-term and ongoing projects because there is more security. This should not act as a deterrent if you have a short-term project.

Location, Time: Western Canada, Mountain time (UTC-7). Works really well with North American clients. I have also worked with clients in the UK and several parts of Asia with no problems.

Compensation: US$ 35-100/hr depending on the nature and complexity of the job or a flat rate for the project.

Payment: All payments will be in USD (preferred) or BTC.

Please PM me if you have a project or have an idea and want to chat about it. If I can’t help you, I might be able to connect you with someone who can. Thanks and stay safe.

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