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Hi, I’m a full stack web developer with great experience in developing websites using React and Nodejs.

Here are some of my projects:


Snake Way, an eCommerce website that uses GraphQl for client-server communication. You can add products to your cart, checkout and leave ratings and reviews for products.


A companion admin website for the Snake Way eCommerce website. If you want to take a look and play around, the login username is snake and password is HalFinney. You can add/edit/remove products, mark orders as shipped and more.

A social media website implementing many of the common social features such as follow, like and comment. The app also implements server side rendering for faster load times and better SEO.

A chat application utilizing socket.io for real-time communication.

GitHub account: https://github.com/snake-eaterr

I value good communication because I think it contributes to the quality of the final product.

I also prefer milestone payments where I would push live versions of the application as it’s being developed for you to see and comment on.

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