Gaming video editing

Delivery Time: Per Agreement

Looking for a part-time side gig. Gaming video editing with period-correct memes is my specialty.
Sources can be taken from VODS, Livestream, and video.
I have a decent performance pc to support my workflow. I work on Premiere Pro 2020 and Photoshop.
I’m gaming for 20 yrs of my life and usually play Tarkov, dota2, CSGO, and WOW. I have a deep understanding of how each game type work (FPS, MOBA, MMO). based on footage I can make creative work.

I’m actually a finance master’s student located in the EU.
for my work

contact: dm me for my personal phone number or email.

Price negotiable on a long-term partnership.
I make max. 2 videos a day and 10 videos a week. (i can also make meme images)
Thank you. Stay Safe

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