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I live in Morocco and specially in Marrakech the most touristic city in Africa and the top 10 best destination in the world 2014,2015, 2016.

I can check for you the price of everything in Morocco, from houses to a bottle of water. I used to sell on Ebay so I know from the market and its secrets.

I will do a field research for you in the country and ask local people what price they charge. I will use my experience and being a native to get the best answers and save you some money at the end.

If you have an address, picture of the thing you want to check just send it to me and I will do the rest. I will go between the twisted streets of Morocco deep into the old medina, and send you pictures and videos related to what you are looking for.

I can take measurement of objects and ask how is made and what materials is made of. I will look for its origin and how did it reach the market.

Take this service which will save a lot without bothering to travel around and get scammed.

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