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Lead Funnel Development | Converting Ads

Most funnel builders will be helping you with specific aspects like design, copy, etc, and honestly, they are good at it BUT

The problem is because your funnel is oblivious to many other factors crucial to your conversions like avatar, strategy, value stacks, positioning, methods of selling like warm selling, and whatnot. It may not be converting the best :/

I know a lot of people who end up paying a ton on ads and funnels and still not getting things to convert properly. When I started my journey as a funnel builder I met clients who had amazing results and some that weren’t getting ANY.

I spent years learning about conversion rate optimization and was mentored by the best. After testing out a ton of different pages and strategies we have grown many million+ e-commerce businesses, namely:





… the list keeps going!

What if I offer you a high-level 45 mins consultation for free? In this session, we’ll take a look at your business and identify what’s not working and what could be improved. Things have changed in the pandemic, which may mean you’ll have to pivot. My goal is to make everything a win-win situation for my clients and me.

So, without pitching much I will explain the tier of audiences I will be working with:

The rule is simple – you need a product that has been proven to convert offline or online and a decent advertising budget. If you’re doing it organically then you can ignore the ad budget part.

Here is a list of things I will do for you:

1. Funnel Build – It will include strategy, your client avatar, mouth-watering offers (like this one lol). I’ve built funnels for quite a few big entrepreneurs including 8 figure brands 😉
2. Copywriting – Ready to post, top-level, coca-cola brand quality content that comes with images and enough research to make any reader gawk at how good it is.
3. Ad Management Services – I will be scaling up your campaigns with proven cost-effective strategies.

4. Ad Spend Funding – I only fund the ads if the company has 500+ abandoned carts within the last few months. I can fund their ads each month then finance them out for 3 to 6 months for a fixed fee as low as 6%. I’m funding e-commerce businesses up to $250k/month right now for their ad spend.

Keep in mind there is actual scarcity here because I can’t work on 100s of funnels at once. Also, once the funnel starts scaling thanks to my strategies I’ll take a % of the ad spend as payment. So, if you are early and you qualify then it’s better for you 🙂

Sounds good? Here’s the link to my booking calendar so you can https://bookme.name/socialgeekdigital/lite/ecommerce-strategy-call

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