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Quality Youtube Scripts or Articles for Your Site

Hey Everyone!

After a rather turbulent year working in the healthcare industry and seeing first-hand the carnage that covid left behind; I decided to put my passion to rest while the world was in flames. Sadly, (not to get political) there are enough crazies out there who refuse to get a little prick in the arm because a bunch of empty heads “on the Facebook” convinced these poor souls that the vaccine will do them irreparable damage.

Anyways, I decided to go back to my true passion: Writing. I have been doing this hobby for years now, mainly working on my own site and Channel. But in the last couple months I have been lucky enough to land a few clients seeking my services.

At this point, I am working part-time as a scriptwriter for a few youtube channels here and there, (not to mention my own) but now I am seeking to make this my full time job. Mainly because I LOVE doing this, but also because these past few months I have lost faith in humanity… and I would not be surprised if the pandemic came back wailing for a round 2. (And I want nothing to do with it this time around!)

My Schedule is flexible, and I prioritize QUALITY above all else, Youtube is a platform unlike any other. It’s all about ENGAGING the audience… Believe me, some of these people have such little attention span that you would be lucky if your audience gets past the intro of the video. So if you want to succeed on Youtube, you need to be captivating, concise and charismatic. Qualities that are tough translate into paper, but you could save the hassle and hire someone ( like me :] ) to take some of the brunt off your shoulders.

My rate is a little steep, $0.25 per word, but you need not worry if it’s out of your budget, I am a reasonable man and it’s negotiable (everything in life is negotiable). I usually get paid through paypal but we can work anything out!

Like I have said before I mainly work on Youtube, but I would be willing to write articles for your blog! You can Check out some of my own work at CulturalCurfew.com. Or if you would like to see some work I have done with my clients, shoot me a DM or send me an email: CulturalCurfew@gmail.com

Thank you for your consideration, and remember 6 FEET APART!!!! 🙂

Andrew Lee

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