Social Community Manager (Facebook, Discord, etc.)

Delivery Time: Per Agreement

Services I can and will provide:

⚫Enhance the growth of your social media presence by making unique posts and greetings regularly

⚫Interact with your audiences to make sure that they feel connected with your online presence. (e.g replying to facebook comments without copy pasting, engaging in regular chit-chat with your discord server members)

⚫Enforce and implement community guidelines and rules set by you (or me, I can make them for you as well.)

⚫Scheduled posting during hours you deem fit (Peak hours will depend on the timezone of your audience course)

⚫Setting up your platform (Creating the discord server or facebook page from scratch, setting up bots etc.)

I can work for you in 8-12 hour shifts. The time I work can be between the hours of 10:00 PM to 2:00 PM UTC

My wage:

$15 for an 8 hour shift $25 for a 12 hour shift

We can negotiate the terms if you have an alternative payment structure in mind

Additional charges if I am creating the page/server for you

I currently accept Paypal and Cryptocurrency (USDT, Bitcoin, BNB or such) as methods of payment. If you have other payment methods you are comfortable with let me know.

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