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Virtual Assistant

Hi, I am offering my services as a virtual assistant. I speak English and Spanish and can easily adapt to any schedule so I can take task from any time zone, I am a hardworking person and like to do things right also Have some experience and I’m really willing to learn, my hourly price is 4$ and I accept payment thru paypal and airTM

I can help you with task such as:

– Transcribe English or Spanish audio

– Translate English text or audio to Spanish and vice versa

– Sending and replying emails

– Data entry

– Manage your social media

– Basic image edition (i use GIMP image editor)

– internet related task such as online search

– MS Word/Excel or Google Docs/Sheets related task

– Other tasks even if they require some skill if you send me detailed instructions

I also have other skills and experiences that can be an advantage depending of the nature of the tasks :
– hypnotism (i can do hypnotherapy sessions via online call)
– Solving software issues and repairing computers
– Electric installations
– Real state
– Stock market
– Cryptocurrency
– Martial arts: Karate (shito-ryu), Kung fu (dragon and Turtle)

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