Virtual assistant (data entry. web research, social media management)

On Demand
Delivery Time: Per Agreement
Virtual assistant (data entry. web research, social media management)

Here are the things that I can do:

1. Basic English communication skills (I am still working on it)

2. Inventory management

3. Basic accounting (using gsheet, still need to learn Quickbooks)

4. FB & IG Management

5. Photo editing or design using Canva

6. Data Entry or Database upkeeping

7. Manual Web Research

Proficient in:


-Google Applications(Docs, Sheets, Slides, Gmail, Drive, Calendar)


-Facebook Creator Studio (we can discuss what tools you want to use.)

-Youtube Studio

-(Basic knowledge) Airtable

-(Basic knowledge) Integromat

-Niceboard (tool for job boards website)

But let me know what tools you are using so that we can discuss it.

My recent work experience:

I was assigned to browse the internet for job ads and company career websites in specific countries. Then, I would compile the job ads(in sheet) and publish them on my client’s job-hunting website to fill it with content and keep it up-to-date, and also managing my client’s pages(FB Groups, FB, and LinkedIn pages).

I’ve also experience collecting company information like their website, social media accounts, logos, career pages, and taglines(the same client that I mention above about my recent work experience).

(Here is one of my outputs on their website)


The payment method will be through Paypal, Wise(Transferwise), or Payoneer.

Hope to hear you soon!

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