Virtual Assistant / Software Engineer

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Virtual Assistant / Software Engineer


I’m a software engineering student from Tunisia (North Africa). I’m a competent programmer, and I can do any programming task with Python or Javascript. I can make scraping and automation scripts with Python. I can build websites with the ReactJS library and ExpressJS.

I’m very good at Excel, Word, and Powerpoint. I can automate any Excel tasks.

I have good knowledge of marketing (SEO, Facebook Ads, Adwords). I’ve launched some Facebook campaigns to promote my Shopify store.

I speak English, French, and Arabic.

I am a fast learner, hard-working, and result-driven. I am also trustworthy and can guarantee 100% confidentiality. I will do whatever is necessary to help you manage and accomplish any administrative tasks needed for your business.

I always try to show good levels of initiative and integrity through accomplishing my duties effectively and efficiently. My experiences have made me be more assertive, confident, and patient. These have helped me improve my leadership, organizing, time management, communication, and people skills.

If you are interested please drop me a message with Complete and clear instructions on the task you want me to accomplish.

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