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Perfect for researchers without programming proficiency | Other data related services provided upon request

Located in Canada. Have a BSc and am nearly finished my MSc. Have 5+ experience working with (primarily environmental) datasets. Work will be done using the R language which I am proficient in. Most commonly I am hired to produce figures for research publications. Examples of figures can be provided upon request. My specialty is with data that are regularly measured (hourly observations etc), especially regarding air pollution.

A few examples of projects I have worked on: Snow melt date detection from a network of automatic weather stations, sensor evaluation and calibration for hourly air pollutant observations, detection, mapping, and characterization of wildfire smoke impacts to air pollution, comparison of tree growth statistics in a long term (25+ years) multi-treatment study, as well as updating and evaluating a high-resolution air pollution dispersion model.

Looking for an hourly rate of $25/hr, or $25 – $100 per figure depending on the data requirements.

Can provide other data related services as well including web scraping and data management.

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